Colonia Tovar: Little Germany of the Caribbean

Entrance of Colonia Tovar from Caracas

Not too long ago I checked off the last must see item on my list of things to do in Venezuela. I traveled to the little town of Colonia Tovar. This is a small quite weekend destination located in the mountains near Caracas. The whole area is ripe with with a German flare that came from the founders and survived the centuries due to the remoteness of the town.

Across the street from our Posada. Clay tile roofs, Alpine facade and banana trees.

I went on this adventure with a local friend of mine and decided to take local transport instead of hiring a taxi. How exciting! We started our trip in the capital of Caracas where caught a subway the edge of town to find the bus that would take us up the mountains through the barrios. After briefly asking for directions we were directed a block down the street where 10 buses were lined up going to a variety of places. We asked around to make sure we hopped on the correct bus because there are no signs telling us where they are going. Once the seats were all taken we began our slow journey up the mountains. We often stopped to pick up new passengers or let others off. As we climbed the mountains we could see between the miss matched houses Caracas spread out below.

This was the closest look I had of the barrios and you could see plenty of places where one roof was used for the balcony of another apartment or a roof being used as a parking spaces. The main road was lined with stores that had living spaces above and below. Many foot paths were seen going down the mountains with buildings crowding above. It was a whole different city into itself.

After an hour of slow travel up the mountains we left Caracas behind and were surrounded by thick tropical forests with cool weather and winding roads. We got off the bus at a little shop that sold food and found our next ride waiting across the street. An old van with 3 other people in it was to be our last ride into Colonia Tovar. We waited there until the van filled up with other passengers and then we started the last leg of our journey bouncing along the two lane road for another two hours. High up in the mountains over looking a valley was the town Colonia Tovar. We passed building all were built with an alpine flare. We got off the taxi in the middle of town where there were numerous gift shops that sold coats and knickknacks.

A common item at all gift shops.

We began our journey down the mountain side through town to search for our posada. We came upon a small beautiful place of Cabana Silberbunnen. The small little house gave us an excellent view of the valley and strawberry fields across the valley away from the noise of cars along the main road. We spent the weekend exploring the town and just relaxing. There is a church that was built as an exact replica of a church in Germany from where the founders came. We tried the local beer which had a slight Heineken taste. On Friday more stores and restaurants opened up for the weekend visitors.  This town is truly a place to sit back and relax. It is a very quaint town with cool weather and a nice view. Do not forget to visit La Magica de los Dulces pastry shop to try the tres leche cake. It was the best I have ever had.

Me stand in front of the best tres leche place ever.

The original Church that is made like the one in Germany.

Addition to the original church with kids on a field trip. 

Best cake ever!

When our weekend came to an end we sought out a different route back to Caracas. This time we took a bus to La Victora and then a second bus back into Caracas. This was a beautiful trip filled with palm trees, cool weather, fog and and beautiful vistas. A good portion of the drive is along a narrow road that hugged the side of the mountain. Unfortunately I do not have any pictures that do it justice but it was a beautiful ride.

View from our posada. 

It was a nice weekend getaway and something out of the ordinary. Little German houses with Spanish roofing, kielbasa with traditional Venezuelan fruit juices, and a nice getaway from the heat of this Latin american country. The Little Germany of the Caribbean.