Photo Album: Malta Part 1

Historic city of Valletta
Yarg! I wanted to do this post months ago but I get distracted. Some reason I never get around to posting what I intend on sharing, so here is my lazy solution. I'm going to be doing a number of photo dumps which include most of my trips taken throughout 2015.

Without further ado, I present to you my favorite island of all time.

Malta is a small island located off the coast of Sicily. I had the pleasure of visiting there in January 2015. The reason I most enjoyed this island is that it is a melting pot of all sorts of cultures creating a rich history and the views were spectacular. I spent 15 days exploring this island in the low tourist season and I hope to get the chance to return in the summer months when the waters are calm and the weather is a bit warmer.

I plan on writing more about specific adventures I had while there but for now I just wanted to give you a small taste of the island.

I had the pleasure of staying in a town called Sliema. From there I joined up with some students where were learning English and explored the island. They showed me places I would have never have found on my own such as this little cat sanctuary that keeps the kitties warm and has a vet attend every day.
Kitty Haven
Using the public bus system we easily self toured the island. On the southeastern end of Malta near Marsaxlokk you can find a large outdoor market and some very colorful boats filling the bay. As well as a plethora of restaurants.
Marsaxlokk Bay
Local Bakery

If you go exploring on the northern end of the island you might find the familiar site of Popeye's Village. There is a public bus that makes its way down a narrow road that goes to this secluded bay. We made the last bus out there and unfortunately didn't have the opportunity to enter into the park but I was able to grab a quick photo before running back to the bus before it left.

Popeye's Village

If you are a history buff this place is for you. There are plenty of artifacts and temple ruins dating to prehistoric times, medieval villages, and plenty of information about knights. This small little island has been a part of many different countries at one time or another and each one has left something behind creating a magnificent and unique little country. I highly recommend reserving your tickets to visit Hypogeum. As well as check out some of the temple ruins and a museum or two.

Sleeping Lady is thought to be a representation of a Goddess. 

Azure Window in Gozo, an even smaller neighboring island, was one of the most awe inspiring places I have ever visited. This and the historical sites were by far my favorite parts of my journey to Malta and Gozo.

This location might look familiar if you watch Game of Thrones. This natural arch was featured in one of the episodes. I visited during a season that the water was very rough and impossible to swim in but that did not take away from the beauty and we stayed there an hour just watching the waves crash into the cliffs. During the summer months the water is super calm and you can find boats that will drive under the arch and people swimming and scuba diving.

Azure Window

A view from the top. 

Lastly, I would like to introduce to the guy who has me traveling all over the place to see him. This is Alberto. We met when I was working in Venezuela and have been doing the long distance thing for awhile now. One of the hazards of traveling and living abroad is the possibility of a long distance relationship evolving. Our next stop, Spain.
Selfie is a must.