Belize Vacation

Some Belize Islands

I just got back from a wonderful week long family vacation in Belize. It was our first ever family vacation that involved going somewhere other than another family member's house. We took a mid day flight to Belize City and then hopped on a little commuter plane out to San Pedro. It was my first time being on a tropical island or south of the USA and I was amazed at the clear blue sea.
Once we landed in San Pedro our first objective was to get our golf carts.  There are 4 main types of vehicles on this island; van taxis, golf carts, bicycles, and motorcycles. There is really no strict sense of  pedestrian right of way and anything really goes to get around someone going slower than you. Granted with mostly golf carts driving around at a set speed limit the risk of having a wreck is low.

My sister and I on the puddle jumper headed to San Pedro

Once we got our carts we set off to find our house we were staying at. We only knew a direction and had a picture of the house. We set out South with our eyes open for a yellow villa. As we headed south we say many people walking, small little grocery stores, restaurants, and outdoor fruit and vegetable stands. We got about 1.5 miles from the airport and found out that the paved road ended and were met with a pothole ridden dirt road and misquotes. Keeping our fingers crossed that the house we sought was worth it, we trudged on. After about 20mins of driving we traveled 3.5 miles and found our lovely Villa Incommunicada. Good thing it was like the pictures. :)

After dropping off our luggage we set out to explore the island. We found several restaurants and shopping areas north of the airport on the beach. We spent many days checking out this area sampling the different food. One day we ran across a man on the beach who had a pet coatimundi. They are cute furry little animal that is a cousin to a raccoon.

My sister posing with the coatimundi

During our stay there we set out on three adventures. Our first was a beach BBQ where went out in the morning to spear fish, pick up conch shells, and do some good ol' pole fishing. Turns out we all suck at spear fishing and so we picked up some shells and lobster then headed to our next location to use our fishing poles. Once we had our catch we went back to  the house to grill it up and eat the tasty fish.

Fishing for dinner

The next day we set out in torrential rain to the main land where we got a refreshing pelting of rain and cold winds. Luckily it cleared up by the time we reached the main land and we were able to dry off. Our day started with zip-lining and then next door we strapped on some life vests and hard hats with a lamp and took off into a cave for some cave tubing.  The end of the day was the Maya Ruins where we saw some pretty neat pyramids and got a nice historical tour of the area.

First time to do some zip lining

My excellent cave tubing adventure

The family

Some Maya ruins which featured a few pyramids
Our last day we all were a bit tired from the excitement of the last two days but we strapped on some flippers and went on our first ever snorkeling trip. Where we got to see beautiful coral, sharks and all sorts of fish. This is something I will def have to do again. I was super excited to be able to use my underwater camera to snag some pretty cool pictures.

Action shot of Dad

Our guide hopped in and caught a nurse shark.

Me swimming with the fishes



After a week of fun in the sun we were all burnt and ready to head back home to the states. Where roads aren't made of potholes, misquotes aren't quite that bad and our own beds were waiting for us.

Peace, Man