Wrapping up Training

I have spent the last four weeks at the Houston training facility getting caught up on classes that I have to take as part of my program at work. Even though my company is a large international company with several training facilities world wide the chances of you running into someone you know while taking classes is high. In addition to meeting old friends you always make new ones too. Training also gives me a break from the long schedules of rig life and I even get weekends off. This always makes training feel more like vacation that actually going to work.

My first week here I ended up in a class with two guys from Trinidad who I met the previous year in Oklahoma City at a different class. We were able to catch up and I had the opportunity to indrocuce them to the world of bowling. Which as it turns out, we all pretty much sucked at.

The second week here I had no class to attend so I made my way up to Oklahoma to see family. I was very happy to see them even though it had been a only a few weeks since we left. It is nice being able to have a good chunk of my family all living or working in the same town.

My third and fourth week here I have taken two classes. These classes bought me back together with a friend from PA and another guy I met two years ago when I first started working. I also ran into an old manager and several other familiar faces. Several people are at the training facility from my original location up in PA and so we were all able to go out and have a nice dinner where we could all just reconnect. The good things about working in a smaller office creates a closer relationship amongst all the people working in that office. It makes me feel that I have a small little family hanging out in PA.

I have one more day left here in the US before I fly south again. I am filled again with apprehension about going through the whole process of finding myself in unfamiliar surrounds, but I am prepared and know better what to expect this  time so I am ready. I will be sure to update this blog regularly once I am back down there and am not as distracted by family and friends.