Birthday Abroad

My Internet Birthday Party
I just celebrated my 25th birthday this week. This is the first time I have spent my birthday abroad away from my familiar surroundings. This time of year is usually filled with cold nights, Halloween decorations and ghoulish parties. The changing color of the trees and the amount of pumpkin items in stores usually let me know that my birthday is approaching. However this year I had none of these reminders and so it did not quite feel like my birthday was near. Luckily I have an amazing family and wonderful friends that made sure I would not feel this way for long.

This past Tuesday I expected to have an ordinary day rigging up equipment in the hot weather at my new rig site. However, when I got around to checking my main means of communication with people back home, Facebook, I was bombarded with several birthday best wishes and pictures of people in all types of birthday hats. There were big ones, small ones, digital ones, and real ones of all colors. There were even cute dogs dressed up and a picture of a cookie cake saying “Happy Birthday Megan.”  This surprise internet birthday party made my day. It is the goofiest gift that I have ever received and along with all the birthday wishes it made me feel a little closer to home. How did I get so lucky to know this wacky group of people?
My yummy cake
In the evening I was thrown a little party at work. I had a delicious cake from a local panadería topped with a sparkler the size of a miniature flame thrower. The guys serenaded me with both the Venezuelan Birthday song and the English one. In my opinion the Venezuelan style is much more entertaining especially when the guys sang it loud and rowdy, in the fashion of many drinking songs.  
Lighting the flame thrower.  

Overall my first birthday abroad was a success. I was lucky to get to spend it with new friends and feel the love from old ones all across the globe

 The Venezuela Birthday Song
Cumpleaños Feliz (estilo Venezolano) 

Ay que noche tan preciosa
es la noche de tu día
todos llenos de alegría
en esta fecha natal (natal, natal, natal)
Tus más íntimos amigos
esta noche te acompañan
te saludan y desean,
un mundo de felicidad (felicidad, felicidad)
Yo por mi parte deseo
lleno de luz este día
todos llenos de alegría
en esta fecha natal (natal, natal, natal)
Y que esta luna plateada
brinde su luz para ti (paraaaaa tiiiiiiii)
y ruego a Dios porque
pases un cumpleaños feliz
Cumpleaños feliz,
Te deseamos a ti,
Cumpleaños... [name of the birthday person],
Cumpleaños feliz!