Carnival 2014

Carnival 2014

Several weeks ago the carnival celebrations were in full swing. So I grabbed a friend and went on an outing to see the festivities. We arrived in the late afternoon just in time to see the parade of colors and wonderful costumes making their way through the crowded street. The people who were dressed in the amazing outfits danced down the street filled with onlookers. The costumed people would be stopped every few feet for by onlookers wanting to take pictures. The crowd was sprinkled with kids and adults who were dressed in their own colorful masks and wigs. You could see kids throwing water on each other and strangers stopping to dance with one another in the middle of the street. Vendors were selling hot dogs, beer, and sangria. Music was blaring from massive towers of speakers set up all long the parade route. It was a massive party.

As the sun started to set people started to get a bit more antsy and the cops were trying to clear people from the parade rout so that it would end soon. The parade lasted a bit longer but my friend and I ducked out of the festivities before we found ourselves in the middle of trouble. I hope that things will eventually calm down here and that people are able to enjoy these types of activities. One day I look forward to experiencing carnival without having my head on a swivel looking for danger.

I posted some pictures below. None of which do justice to the actual costumes.

Oh the Colors!
Some costumes are kids

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People stopping the parade for pictures.

Megan in Venezuela
Several stilt walkers/dancers.

One of many speaker systems in the crowd.
Carnival onlookers. 
This is on a guys head.