Homesickness Has Landed

I am trying to beat it away with a stick. I stopped writing a few months ago because it has been difficult for me to try and express my experiences here. With the protests that engulfed the country, lack of work, and lack of feeling safe I feel into a horrible bout of homesickness. It is a fight everyday for overwhelming sadness to not completely take over my life, but the good news is it is getting better and it is not uncommon for this to happen to expats. I have discovered that the immense feeling of homesickness will settle in around 8-10 months of living abroad for many people. While I have not completely recovered from my homesickness I am trying not to let it bring me down.

In my effort to not go crazy while not working I have gone on a few trips, started science experiments in the kitchen and found a love for deep cleaning my dwelling. Look forward to a postapalooza while I try and get this back on track and tackle some more difficult topics about living in a country that is slowly isolating itself from the rest of the world.