Ohio the Beautiful

Ohio Road
This week I find myself in southeastern Ohio with several interesting neighbors.  I always find it interesting to work on these rigs in this Amish country. I see semi-trucks following slowly behind horses and buggies as they wind up small roads. It is a unique clash of cultures that somehow works. Out of all the people we encounter in new areas they always seem to be the nicest. Sometimes the community will bring out food to the rig and they always wave hi. 

This part of Ohio is absolutely beautiful. The area is full of rolling hills, farms, winding roads and friendly people. During this time of year everything is blooming and turning green. It truly feels like spring.  

So, yesterday when I was called out to a rig near Cambridge, Ohio I was more than happy to take my mini road trip and enjoy the weather. Unfortunately when I showed up at the rig site I was bought back to the reality of my job. The whole location was buzzing with people and tensions were high. As I made my way to my cabin on location I discovered why. Men were covered in mud as they were working quickly to clean up a blowout that had happen just an hour before. 

The mud had been diverted and well shut in but the flow line failed causing a pipe to bust open covering one of the cabins and a few cars in a nice thick layer of mud. Two of the cars had busted front windows. I am glad no one got hurt. It was a real reminder that this work and living on rigs can always be a dangerous job.  For those of you who might not be familiar laws or regulations of a clean up. 

For those not familiar with the industry in this part of the country be assured that all operations are shut down until all the mud and layering rock has been scooped up and hauled off for proper disposal.