Road Trip to Dartmouth


After 6 weeks being on a rig site I decided it was finally time to reward myself with a trip. I was able to sneak away from work for a few days and drove like a mad woman to Dartmouth. How random, why Dartmouth? Well my internet friend, I had an excellent excuse. There is this girl I know from way back in the day who just returned from a year long trip in South Korea. So of course, I got to go see her. 

As soon as I got the ok to go from the boss man I hopped in my car and drove 7 hours northeast to go see a whole new world. New England is a gorgeous place. Coming from the Midwest I am always in awe dense forests, ski resorts, boulder covered river beds, rolling mountains and moose crossings. I can only imagine what it looks like in the fall. 

Kissing BridgeAs with any proper road trip I had to stop at at least one road side attraction. I and ended up stopping at an interesting looking building on a small road in Vermont. Turns out it was a rest stop with a covered bridge, local made goodies such as cheese, candies, vegetables and sodas. There was even a whole section dedicated to books and toys from the childhood our parents knew. It had an old time feel and was pretty neat. 

My time in Vermont was short but I fully intend on returning again to explore more of this beautiful state. 

Kissing Bridge Info

I arrived at Dartmouth Thursday evening during their Green Key weekend. Lucky for me, that happens to be when all their alumni return and there are events happening all weekend. Upon my arrival we promptly went to go get a bite to eat at Molly's Restaurant and Bar which is a nice local restaurant that was filled with students and alumni. The food was delicious and fresh with an interesting variety of choose from. Another good place to eat is a little burrito joint located in the basement of one of the buildings right down the street from Molly's.

I spent my time in Hanover roaming the historical campus of Dartmouth and admiring the surrounding town. It is a quaint place which reminded me of my college town only it was much more fancy. The weather was nice and there was a celebratory feeling in the atmosphere. 

Friday night we happened upon a free concert that was going on in front of one of the dorm buildings and we stopped to listen to Shaggy and A$AP Rocky. Later I was introduced to the game Pong. It is a drinking game similar to beer pong or as they call it at Dartmouth, Beirut. And please be sure when you are there not to call beirut beer pong for you will surely be ostracized and corrected. Dartmouth style beer pong involves a pong style table 6 cups on each end set up in a variation of styles and you hit the ball back and forth with pong paddles, usually painted with pictures and no handle, trying to sink it in the other teams cup. I would like to say, that this involves much more talent, coordination and more rules. It was fun to learn but I am horrible at it.

Overall my weekend road trip to the great state of New Hampshire was a success. If you ever get the chance to explore the area I highly suggest doing so.