It's Offical

I have officially gotten my transfer date to Venezuela.

I will be flying south come mid July after my much anticipated family vacation to the beach. I still am hesitant to get too excited over this announcement, because as of this month I have been waiting a full year to be transferred. One thing after another has postponed my trip to Venezuela and I fear that something else might happen to delay it. With just 5 weeks between then and now I will keep my fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly.

I am ready for some sunshine and warmer weather. In the past few weeks it has been cool and rainy up here in the PA. I am guessing spring just came a little late. We have had a few days of nicer weather and I was able to go exploring on some of the trails on the state park around here. I luckily have not run across any bears on my explorations into the woods. Some of the guys I work with have seen them near the lease road. So I am sure to keep my ears and eyes open when I am out and about. Below are some pictures I have captured of the location I have been living on for the last few weeks.

Luna Moth
 This is a Luna Moth. I have seen several of these over the past week or so. This one was chillin on my car in rain storm.

 This is a beautiful spot right next to the rig. Sunlight streams through here in the afternoon giving it a nice soft look.

This stream runs all the way along the lease road going down the mountain.

For my next post I will try to get a better aspect of rig life. Stay tuned.